Tuesday, 21 May 2013


It would make for a more dramatic post if, after labouring all day Saturday, we had come back on Monday to find everything trampled or eaten by deer.  So far though, the seedlings have survived three days of ambient weather.

Highlights of first planting:

The soil, though tilled, was gravelesque.  We carved out our trenches and, by default, our beds, and began hacking away at huge clumps of rock hard clay.  I suspect that the tomatoes will do fine, and that most everything else will find enough nourishment, given that the plot has been left fallow for a couple of years, save for cover crops which should have maintained a good nutrient composition.  We added some compost to the spots where seeds were inserted, and then watered.  In the absence of softer soil, we then piled chunks of the clay around and atop which gave the spots the unsettling appearance of little tombs.

I was a bit of a hack as I crouched or sat on the unsown bed below me, resting my crossed legs in the trench as I sprinkled seeds into furrows in the row in front of me.  when in doubt, I scattered a bunch of seeds and hoped they would suffice.  As I finished the parsnips, rows abutting rows, I checked the back of the seed packet again and I realized rows were to be a foot apart. 

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